What is the most eco friendly food storage containers?

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Looking at the delicious food in the picture, do you feel a little hungry?  

This issue of Decen Food Packaging is about this food...  

Do you know what these delicious food boxes are made of?  

PP polypropylene?  PS polystyrene?  Cardboard?  

In fact, it is made from sugarcane pulp made from sugar waste, bagasse!  

Disposable food box need to be more environmentally eco friendly food containers, as has been the case in Europe and around the world.  

Disposable plastic lunch box is difficult to degrade, not environmental protection of the drawbacks of people criticize, can replace plastic production of disposable food storage containers environmental protection materials are also in constant exploration.  For example, "edible" plastic has been introduced in previous feeds, but it has not yet been applied to disposable meal boxes.  At present, disposable environmental protection paper lunch box is the first choice to replace disposable plastic lunch box in environmental protection.  

The use of non-toxic, harmless, clean and pollution-free disposable environmental protection paper lunch box in line with the world food hygiene and safety standards and environmental protection regulations, without adding standard raw materials, is not only safer and healthier in use, but also biodegradable and more environmentally friendly.  The main raw material of disposable paper lunch box is pulp, and pulp is mainly taken from wood.  However, with the increasing consumption of wood, the cost of wood pulp is also increasing, which has resulted in a strange phenomenon -- the market for disposable environmentally friendly paper lunch boxes has not been widely used.  

A cane sweet from beginning to end, so there is a plant fiber material to replace wood pulp?  Sugar cane pulp!  

Sugarcane pulp is also a kind of paper pulp. It is a pulp with a certain concentration, which is made from sugar-making waste bagasse by means of hydraulic pulp crushing and high-temperature disinfection.  Remember the fully compostable plastic in the previous post, this sugarcane pulp is a naturally compostable, compostable plant fiber material!  Making sugarcane pulp from bagasse can save a lot of wood, and meet the requirements of the world circular economy and environmental protection policies, so that a cane is sweet from beginning to end!  

Sugar cane pulp is cheaper than wood pulp, and can make up the cost of wood pulp, but to make sugar cane pulp into food container environmentally friendly, there are many problems to be solved.  For example, is the finished meal box really biodegradable?  Does the microwave work?  Is it oil and water resistant?  Is the seal good?  

These look more and more fine, but are producers can not ignore the problem, directly related to their own sugar cane pulp box can be recognized by the market.  Here we have to mention a sugar cane pulp box production leader, their products are exported to many countries around the world.  It is de Chen environmental protection food packaging.  Has passed a number of international quality standards.  

DECHEN sugarcane pulp tableware uses sugarcane bagasse extracted from sugar as raw material, instead of traditional petroleo-derived plastics or foam, and is currently recognized as 100% environmentally friendly tableware and 100% biodegradable tableware worldwide.  Their cutlery is 100% compostable and biodegradable, degrading into carbon dioxide and water in 30 to 90 days.  They are 100% compostable food container.

Sugarcane pulp tableware is not only environmentally friendly, but also very safe.  Import agent, ultrasonic paper, 350 degrees Celsius, vacuum ultraviolet disinfection high temperature hot pressing workshop, mechanical and artificial detection operation to ensure the product safety standards and quality of use, can be used in the microwave oven, oven and refrigerator, can resist 100 ℃ and 120 ℃ hot water hot oil, developed by high-tech processing, healthy and free from coating can waterproof and oil proof,  With the characteristics of heat and cold resistance, can be put in the refrigerator, can also be used for microwave oven heating use.  Safe to use, non-toxic and harmless.  

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