Who We Are


Dechen Packaging has been on a mission to inspire people to be more conscious about their use of disposable plastic while helping foodservice operators build sustainable, successful businesses.

We believe that composting is the environmentalism of the future and work hard to spread the knowledge that there are alternatives to disposable plastic. Clients in each country rely on our incredible client service, competitive pricing, and consultative approach to operate more sustainably.

We offer one of the widest selections of compostable packaging products for the foodservice industry and have successfully maintained a 95% fulfillment rate, giving clients the tools they need to grow without causing unnecessary harm to the planet.



Our mission is to tailor everything to your specific needs. Whether you need an entire custom packaging food container, or just some custom food paper bag,food paper, we can help you.

Some of our services include:



  • Free Consultations
  • Material & Packaging Advisement
  • Graphic Design
  • Shipment & Delivery Coordination
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

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Our packaging team is always promoting innovation in the industry. We’ve even gone as far to put together catalogues based on various industries. Have ideas on what we can offer? Let us know through our contact form!

Our product development and sourcing teams have even been able to streamline a process for quick and effortless turnaround. Trust DECHEN Sourcing Limited with your concept; we promise we won’t let you down.


Our focus is on making certified compostable foodservice packaging easily accessible to restaurants everywhere. Aside from reducing the amount of plastic which ends up in the landfill or our oceans, compostables also:

     Made from renewable plant-based materials like corn, wheat fiber and sugarcane

            Use fewer resources and produce less pollution to manufacture

     Make better utilization of agricultural byproducts reducing waste and supporting farmers

      Break down into soil when composted in a commercial facility


Thousands of restaurateurs worldwide trust us to provide fast and reliable service. We understand the industry and work hard to be sure we're able to supply restaurants, cafes, food trucks, and hospitality with healthy and high-quality compostable packaging.



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