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Disposable food packaging solutions | DECHEN Food Packaging Supplies

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Just look at European – almost every borough has its own waste collection, sorting, and processing capabilities making it almost impossible for any one type of disposable to be a universally sustainable option.

But what do you do when there's no perfect answer?

That's where we come in.While there is no clear best solution when it comes to disposables, absolutely better solutions can still have a huge impact on our environment.This is what we call a disposable food packaging solutions.

Our goal at DECHEN Biodegradable food Packaging is to sell the most sustainable disposable products on the market today - this is not always the same for every business.But don't worry - we offer 3 eco-food packaging, corn starch food containers, bagasse food boxes and PLA food containers.With us, you will never be stuck with a strict selection or a range of packaging.Instead, you can choose a sustainable path that is better for your business!

In our view, sustainability in terms of single-use packaging has two aspects: what it is made of and what you can do with it after use.Our line of corn starch food containers, bagasse food boxes and PLA food Containers are designed to examine both options while providing you with the value, diversity and choice your business needs and customers expect.In the event that our packaging does not handle as expected, you can always know that your eco-food packaging is made from quality materials.For a detailed understanding of what makes our packaging sustainable, check out our FAQs - they're very useful!

So working with us, you can contact us anytime to see a sample, our samples are free, you only need to pay postage, and whichever way you do it, your business, your customers and the planet will do better -- we call it a win-win.

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