Fruit Protection Bags
For your Mango Grape Guava Pomegranate etc.

Grape Mango Cover Fruit Protection Bag Manufacturers

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Grape Mango Cover Fruit Protection Bag Manufacturers

We have a lot of farms in Sri Lanka that use our mango covering bags.

We sell our mango protection bags in Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar, etc. We sell our grape protectiion bags in Peru, Chile, etc. Welcome to contact us or chat with us via whatsapp.

Mango Cover Fruit Protection Bag Manufacturers

Professional mango cover Supplier in China,Options for Different Designs, Printing and Color,Request Our Best Prices for fruit mango protection bag Now!

Our paper fruit protection bags are biodegradable and do not contain harmful chemicals. We are committed to providing industry leading quality and support. 

Fruit growth protection paper bag is widely used in mango, grape, banana, apple, guava, pomegranate and other fruits, it is divided into single layer and multi-layer difference, single layer is white, brown, green, etc., multi-layer general inner layer is coated with wax black, protect the fruit from direct sunlight.

Mango Cover Fruit Protection Bag Manufacturers

mango fruit protection bags Product Description:

Fruit cover bag can avoid frtuis from germs or hurt from tree branch or bird

Best fruit protection bags also can from rain, wind and sunshine direct exposure

The bag is made from paper without pollution to the environment

With the production of bags can reduce the pesticide spraying, improve fruits quality and reduce agricultural chemical remains

The bags can help fruits get bright color, increase fructose, promote maturity and weight, then increase farms income

Mango Cover Fruit Protection Bag Manufacturers

Product Details:

Product Name

Mango Cover Fruit Protection Bag Manufacturers


High grade waterproof Shinning Paper  


Can be customized according to your request


Single, double or 3 layer


Brown, white, brown yellow, green, black, blue or customized

Sealing & Handle

Self Adhesive Seal or Non wire(Envelope type)


100,000 pcs

 mango protection bag

We supply full-custom printing and packaging solution service. Please contact us first before order.

mango fruit protection bags

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  mango fruit protection bags

Fruit protection bags Usage:

Fruit cover bag (mango cover bag,mango fruit protection bags,fruit cover protection bag,mango paper bag) for different fruits, vegetables and flowers such as Citrus bag, Pomelo bag, Pomegranate bag, Mango bag, Grafting pear bag, Pear bag, Persimmon bag, Grapefruit bag, Wax apple bag, Pitaya bag, Avocado bag, (Shakya) Sugar apple bag, Grape bag, Peach bag, Pineapple bag, Carambola bag, Starfruit bag, Banana bag, Loquat bag, Tomato bag, Guava bag, Apple Bag, Loofah bag, Bitter Bag, Orchid bag, guava bag etc.

1. Material: paper bag, iron wire , specialty paper, kraft paper.

2. Style: Stereoscopic type, Envelope type, Side window, Bottom window, etc.

3. Layer: single, double  or more.

4. Size: For different sizes or customized.

5. Color: Multi colors available: such as white, black, brown, silver, etc.

a. Upscale

b. Breathable

c. Air and sunlight permeable

d. Anti-bacteria

e. Water-resistant

f. Eco-friendly

g. UV-resistant

h. Shrink-resistant

i. Tear-resistant

mango fruit protection bags

grape protection bags

grape protection bags

Company Information:

We have professional team can provide the whole service from designing, molding, sampling to production. And our products are exported to North America, South America, Europe, Asia and Africa. About 20 countries with quality and good reputation. 

Our products comes from a well-organized management system and quality control process. Our aim is to help our customers realize their goals. We are making great efforts to achieve this win-win situation and sincerely welcome you to join us.

grape protection bags

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