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Are your disposable takeaway cups compostable?

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Can takeaway cups be recycled in Europe?

Unfortunately, of the many billion takeaway cups thrown away in Europe each year, only 1% are recycled.We throw away tens of millions of takeaway cups every day and sadly, although most are made of paper, they are lined with waterproof plastic and cannot be recycled.

What about our cups?

Fortunately for us and the environment, our takeaway cups produced by DECHEN Biodegradable Packaging can be Biodegradable into compost.Yes, the lid and all.

The cups are made from sustainable forest paper and lined with bioplastic to help tackle litter and takeout cup build-up.We passed these costs on to our cafes and restaurants to try and inspire compostable cups to become the norm!

What is biodegradable plastic?

Biodegradable plastics are made from plants, unlike regular plastics made from oil.

Unlike oil-based plastics, which can remain in our environment for millions of years, bioplastics are renewable and can fully biodegrade within 12 weeks.As a result, bioplastics have a much lower carbon footprint than petroleum-based plastics.The production of bioplastics reduces greenhouse gases by 60 percent and non-renewable energy use by 50 percent compared to conventional plastics such as PET.

I've run out of tea. Where should I dispose of my takeaway cups?

Amazingly, you can dispose of cups and LIDS with your food waste and collect everything together and send it to a composting facility where it will biodegrade into compost within 12 weeks.We suggest you check with your local council first to find out if food waste goes into the composting facility.If they don't, you can compost at home.We are putting cups into the garden compost bin and recording the results of the survey, watch this space!

Where can I find compostable takeaway cups?

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