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What is food wrapping paper for burger sandwich burrito dessert?

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Food packaging paper is made of paper + film combination, used for packaging burger sandwich burrito dessert.

Food packaging paper Description:

1. Safe Material: film paper, safe and non-toxic, strong and durable, thick and not easy to break, resistant to water and oil, won't let the food get your hands dirty and can be safely applied with food by wrapping sandwiches or lined with plastic baskets.

2. Printing: color printing according to customers' artwork file, customizable. this eco-friendly deli sandwich paper en-sures that everything you wrap in it looks premium and high quality. The quality of the paper is very high and experienced people will be able to ensure that with just a touch.

3. FUNCTIONAL and WORTH THE PRICE: Our products are perfect for your businesses, restaurants, bakery and home-baked goodies. It will help you deliver your goods in a clean and elegant presentation whether it is for baking, cooking, food preparation and food service supplies. You could never go wrong. We got you covered!

4. Easy To Use: Easy to pack a verity of food,and not only for your kitchen,you can also decor snacks in the party.
5. Oil and water resistance: the surface of the food wax paper is covered with a film which can effectively prevent moisture and oil, so it is easy for you to package some fried foods, like fried chicken, fried fries and more, and when you wrap your food in this wax paper, you don't have to worry about your food touched by water

   6.PREMIUM QUALITY:  You can be sure that your guests won’t have any problems of having all     the excess grease and oils on their hands. Also, this means the foods will retain their natural         flavor for long since the sheet don’t absorb it.

7. Size: According to customer's need: in piece or roll sheet.

8. Quantity: we have minimum quantity for each items, if you want smaller or big quantity please communicate with us then we can try help you and give a good price for you.

9. Biodegradable: Adhering to the concept of healthy paper, it is degradable, environmentally friendly, safe to use and convenient to pack without fluorescent agent.

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