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What is food wrapping paper called?

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What is food wrapping paper called?

Food wrapping paper has the most varieties and specifications. It is divided into two categories: inner packaging and outer packaging.

Direct contact with food is called inner food wrapping paper, which is mainly required to be clean, free of germs, and has the characteristics of moisture-proof, oil-proof, anti-sticking and mildew-proof. Mainly used for packaging hamburgers, sandwiches, burritos, cakes and so on.

Outer food wrapping paper is mainly for beautifying and protecting commodities, which requires not only certain physical strength, but also cleanliness and beauty, and is suitable for printing multicolor commodity patterns and characters. Packaging paper for liquid beverages such as milk and vegetable juice must also have excellent anti-permeability. In order to meet the needs of long-term preservation and fresh-keeping, special flexible packaging paper with paper and PE film composite, paper and plastic and aluminum foil film composite has been developed in recent years.

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