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Benefits of fruit protection bags

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1. Prevent the infection, spread of germs, as well as insects and other damage to mango fruit
2. Prevent harmful substances in the air and acid rain from polluting the fruit
3. Prevent strong ultraviolet light from burning the fruit epidermis

4. Reduce the friction between fruit and other substances to damage the fruit surface
5. Reduce the number of spraying (pesticides), avoid contact between pesticides and fruits, reduce pesticide residues, and produce high-quality mangoes that meet the pollution-free and green food standards
6. Make the fruit create a good environment, improve the coloring, increase the wax of the peel, improve the finish and luster of the fruit surface
7. Increase single fruit weight, increase commodity rate, and increase yield per unit area.
8. Remarkable economic benefits

Grape Protective Bags Fruit Protection Bag Mango

Grape Protective Bags Fruit Protection Bag Mango

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