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What kind of paper is used to wrap burgers?

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What kind of paper is used to wrap burgers?

As long as it is the paper used to pack hamburgers, it can be collectively called hamburger paper. Different uses, the designed specifications and sizes, including the thickness of paper bags, have many requirements, so they should be customized according to the actual situation. Achieve the goal of getting twice the result with half the effort, being economical and applicable, and provide more guarantee for material reduction, environmental protection and enterprise capital investment.

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There are generally two kinds of hamburger paper, one is wax paper, the other is paper with PE film, and PE film paper is mostly used in the general market, which has better oil resistance and tear resistance.

If you want to buy good hamburger paper, you must pay attention to the following points:

1. thickness. The thicker the hamburger paper, the better the quality, so you can touch its thickness first;

2. Transparency. Choose hamburger paper must give priority to translucent, because it is breathable and beautiful;

3. Color. The color is conspicuous and the pattern is clear, which is the first choice of hamburger paper.

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