Eco-Friendly Reed Straw Straws Reusable Grass Cane

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Eco-Friendly Reed Straw Straws Reusable Grass Cane

Eco Friendly Reed Biodegradable Drinking Straw Made Of Grass

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Product details

Product name

Eco-Friendly Reed Straw Straws Reusable Grass Cane





8mm x200mm,12mm x200mm for bamboo straws

2-5mm x 200mm, 6-8mm x 200mm, 9-12mmx200mm for reed straw  




Straight Shape


Reusable straws are used in conjunction with hot drinks (such as tea, coffee or cold drinks) and used as smoothie straws or cocktail straws.

processing method

high-temperature cooking technology, which is environmentally friendly and durable

Packing Way for bamboo straws

8mm x200mm: 100pcs/bag  50 bags/carton (5000pcs)  

12mmx200mm: 50pcs/bag  40 bags/carton (2000pcs )

Packing Way for reed straws

2-5mmx200mm: 100pcs/bag,70 bags/carton(7000pcs)

6-8mmx200mm: 100pcs/bag,65 bag/carton(6500pcs)

9-12mmx200mm: 100pcs/bag,50 bags/carton(5000pcs)


environmentally friendly and durable, can be reused


10000 pcs, also can be negotiated

Bulk Production Time

Normally 5 days to 25 days, according to the quantity.

Port Of Discharge


Payment Terms

T/T, L/C, Western Union,Paypal, Visa, Master card, apple pay, google pay  


 LFGB,ROSH certifications can be made if necessary.


Samples are free with freight collection


Can be printing your logo on the straws  

Why choose our Sustainable Straw Biodegradable

1. We supply full-custom logo printing and packaging solution service. Please contact us first before order. 

2. If you have artwork or sample, the communication time can be greatly saved.   For complex designs, you can require us for a design template. For a simple design, you can also send us your logo, we have a free design service. 

3. Each Bamboo straw and reed straw is uniquely made by nature. So diameter and color may vary a little bit. 

Eco-Friendly Reed Straw Straws Reusable Grass Cane


About this item of reed straws: 

All natural: the degradable straw is 100% made of natural reed, which is environmentally friendly and healthy for us. Give up the use of toxic dyed plastic straws, today please choose a green alternative!

Our brand concept is: "Life is Nature Harmony". Select 100% natural reed stem, sterilized and dried by high temperature brine; no bleaching, natural color, safe and non-toxic. In order to protect lovely animals, please give up using plastic straws.

Selection of high quality: straw is produced in the inland plain of China without pollution, and strong, full and clean straw is selected. It's natural, unlike other artificial products that contain colloids.

Suitable for any beverage: It can be used for any kind of beverage,which is alcohol, hot cocoa, steamed coffee. iced tea, etc. The straw is durable and safe for children. In addition, the straw can also be used as a mixing rod.

Eco-Friendly Reed Straw Straws Reusable Grass Cane

About this item of bamboo straws:  

PREMIUM QUALITY: Dechen drinking straws are made from sustainably sourced natural bamboo and are a great alternative to single-use plastic straws. Bamboo straws are tasteless and odourless and ideal to use with juices, smoothies, cocktails, tea, coffee, hot chocolate and any other beverages.

LONG LASTING AND REUSABLE: These eco-friendly straws can last you for months if not years when properly cared for. At their end of life, they can be composted as they are completely biodegradable.

SAFE TO USE: Bamboo drinking straws are safe for your health and that of your kids, as they are BPA free and does not contain any inks, dyes, or chemicals.

EASY TO CLEAN: The bamboo reusable straws can be washed by hand with the included cleaning brush. Always let your straws dry fully before storing or reusing.

PROTECT THE ENVIRONMENT: Bamboo is a rapidly growing resource that is 100% natural. Not only these drinking straws are eye-catching and beautiful, but their production also helps to protect and improve the environment.

Eco-Friendly Reed Straw Straws Reusable Grass Cane

More information about bamboo straw and reed straw:

Eco Friendly Reed Biodegradable Drinking Straw Made Of Grass

Eco Friendly Reed Biodegradable Drinking Straw Made Of Grass

Customer feedback

Eco Friendly Reed Biodegradable Drinking Straw Made Of Grass

Eco Friendly Reed Biodegradable Drinking Straw Made Of Grass


Question: Do they absorb the flavor of a drink if you don’t use and wash right away?

Answer: No they don’t. they don’t absorb any of the flavors.

Question: What is the diameter range? I need to use them for cocktails so I am looking for a small opening and not a very large one.

Answer: We have straws with different diameters that ranges from 2 to 12 mm, which is perfect for different usage.

Question: Are the straws biogradeable or compostable?

Answer: According to the product description they are both 100% biodegradable and compostable.

Question: Are these straws dishwasher safe?

Answer: Yes, they are. I've put mine in the dishwasher several times with no issue.

Question: Are these straws made with any "Grains" Paleo?

Answer: No grains. Made from Bamboo plant and reed plant.

Question: How long are they?

Answer: 8 inches (20cm)

Question:  How wide are these? I want to use them for smoothies or bubble tea

Answer: I'm not sure the exact width of the straw.,but what I can say is that they are pretty and sturdy! I do remember that it comes with a brush to clean it with. As far as what you can use the straws for. I think if the smoothie is well blended it should be fine." As well as bubble tea. I really liked them:)

Question: How do you get the bad taste of wood out of the straws? Straws arrived today and we tried it for the first time. It leave a bad taste after.

Answer: If you wash the straws before use they should have no taste when you use them.

Question: Are they varying diameters?

Answer: Each Bamboo straw and reed straw is uniquely made by nature.So diameter and color may vary a little bit.please kindly note!

Question: they are Reusable Bamboo Drinking Straws?

Answer: When you go out to drink, you will worry about unhygienic straws. At this time, you need such a Reusable Bamboo Drinking Straws.

Question: Can the bamboo&reed straw be folded?

Answer: Our straws are made of bamboo and reed material, tray cannot be folded. 

Our Services

1) Professional OEM service: motor power,color and sizes can be customized according to customer's special requirement.

2) Strong quality control: We use high quality materials and strict quality control system. Our QC department consistently operates throughout the whole product process according to related standards.

3) Competitive price and delivery in time: We are exporter based on manufacturer.  so that we can control the cost and the delivery time.

4) More professional export work: Well-trained & experienced staff are ready to provide you good service from consultation to after sales service.

5)MOQ:  One set Order accept.

6) Design: More than 20 different types of products can be supplied to you.

7) Inspection: You can inspect the shipment by third party before shipping out.

8) Refund Money: Refund money within 7 days in case of bad quality.Eco Friendly Reed Biodegradable Drinking Straw Made Of Grass

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