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Five environmental issues affecting the world

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As we know, on the earth, the environment for the sustainability of life plays an important role. All living things depend on the resources of the earth's survival, if humans continue to pollution and excessive use of these resources, they may be completely destroyed or run out within a few years. Recently, some environmental problems rose to new heights, affect the economy and policy from all over the world.The environmental problems urgently needs to be solved.
From air pollution to the depletion of non-renewable resources, China began to recognize and solve the environmental problems in China. Below, we will have a thorough understanding of the current environmental problems, it is how to exacerbate the problem, and what the world can take measures to solve these problems.

1. The deforestation
Every year, the United States more than 1.7 million of population growth. Tell from the data, everyone need extra land and highways. The rapid influx of population increases the demand for urbanization, in our search for more land construction, leading to the increase of disturbing deforestation. Of course, use land to accommodate more and more people means less open land and farmland, more and more overcrowded, and the loss of biodiversity and habitat.

2. The air pollution
In the past 50 years, the improvement of air quality had the very big, but in many big cities, with a large population air quality remains a problem. Sunny California is particularly urgent in terms of improving air quality. Last year, the ozone pollution is most serious in 12 cities in California. In addition, from the point of year-round particle pollution, three California city tied for first, become the most polluted cities. Therefore, although the United States may not be struggling with air pollution like India or China, but we still have very big improvement space.

3. Global warming
Currently in the United States of all the environmental problems, global warming is perhaps the most compelling, because its influence is so profound. From melting glaciers to more intense hurricanes, earth's rising temperatures on the local climate, weather patterns, the United States nearly every community, and the whole earth has caused many negative impacts.
This problem even aggravate air pollution, because the temperatures soar can cause wildfires across the country. Just look at Australia's recent fires and it the fight against air pollution. The fire will burn a few months, to the release of carbon and particulate matter in the air. In addition, wildfire destroyed crops and wildlife habitat, exacerbated by food shortages and the loss of biodiversity.

4. The water pollution
Although the environmental protection agency (EPA) in the management of drinking water quality to do better, but our lakes, oceans and rivers still suffering from serious water pollution. On a global scale, people to channel dump 2 million tons of sewage each day. In addition, the land of pesticides and other chemicals can increase the flow of water and drain, usually make chemicals into our main source water and drinking water.
Some pollutants, such as micro plastic, dissolved metals and drugs, even if is difficult to remove by the industrial waste water purification process. In addition, the United States abandoned coal mines continue to discharge water pollutants. In Colorado, only mine is polluted the 2300 kilometers of the river.
Environmental protection agency (EPA) is responsible for executing water safety regulations. Some controversial, however, the environmental protection agency policy and changes in federal protections are blocked, because they may cause dangerous wetland water pollution and destruction.

5. Natural resources dry up
The demand for resources will only grows with the steady growth of the U.S. population. Especially energy and water demand will grow by 50% in the next 10 years, this will exacerbate resource stress, and give us as a national and international relations of sustainability to bring new uncertainties. As the farmland into urban community, tight supplies will also continue to agricultural products in the next 10 years. Non-renewable materials such as oil, minerals and metals also will continue to disappear as time goes on. How long these resources will disappear?

Worried about what to do?

Environmental problems and solutions are as follows:
If the U.S. continues with the high-speed urbanization, biodiversity, natural resources, trade agreements and economy may continue to be affected. However, as the americans are increasingly aware of environmental problems and its influence on personal happiness, more and more people begin to take action to slow down these effects.
A feasible solution is Obama signed in 2016, the Paris agreement. In the agreement, almost every country commitment to reduce carbon emissions. But since then began to abolish government trump climate change policy, even withdraw from the agreement in June 2017. Some policymakers did not consider renewable energy management is the answer to solve these problems. Others, such as Donald trump, don't believe in climate to environmental problems is a long-term decision.
Therefore, at the federal level, policy makers at present has not introduced many solution to the problem of environment.
As a result, the United States and the fate of the planet will continue to fall into the hands of the general public. Fortunately, companies, organizations and ordinary citizens are put forward and carried out the solution to these environmental problems. People put environmental protection bureau in the spotlight, while enterprises get legal assistance in terms of environmental protection and comply with environmental laws. In addition, the university and the big company promises to net zero emissions or sharply reduce energy use.

Farmers' markets frequented by community members, support small businesses, and efforts to reduce, reuse, and recycle plastic and other materials. Others reduce meat or purchase alternative USES of clothes, in order to reduce carbon footprint. Organization reforestation on barren land, actively strive for change. Together, the people are a force for can not be ignored. As a whole, we can change all over the world.

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