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where to buy straw,compostable straws?

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where to buy straw?Why choose our compostable straws?

WE have a range of non plastic straw alternatives to suit all consumer needs. Our biodegradable straws are our most feasible and recommended option as it is 100% compostable and wont land up in the sea and be detrimental to the sea life - plus they come in different colours and are individually wrapped for hygiene purposes too!

Unlike traditional Plastic Straws, Our Wrapped Biodegradable staws are a great and eco-friendly solution for your parties as they are a 100% compostable alternative to plastic straws. They’re non-toxic and non-harmful and a cool, functional way to serve any drink – be it juice, smoothies or cocktails.

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where to buy straw? 

Let's find dechen biodegradable packaging in China to buy.

Our biodegradable straws include PLA straws, bamboo straws,wheat straws and paper straws.  

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