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Say No To Styrofoam:takeaway eco lunch box

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Green restaurant is from traditional white foam plastic box into a biodegradable plastic boxes. Polystyrene foam is harmful to the environment, the material need five hundred years to biodegrade.
It also made from cancer-causing chemicals, when they come into contact with hot food or liquid can become dangerous, because the material started to decay. A foam of toxic substances and benzene, styrene is has proven harmful to humans.

Eco lunch box, and business is good to the environment
Use recyclable or biodegradable plastic container packaging leftovers, will give the customer the impression that the lasting social and environmental consciousness. By protecting the environment and provide a safer choice, you are your restaurant brand.
Recent studies have demonstrated that those who take green measures of enterprise sales growth of 67%. We now know that the disposable plastic how harmful to our environment, so there is no reason to still use these containers in your restaurant.
Today's consumers care about and will remember how they bring home the rest of the food packaging. In the case of many restaurants to choose from, the small act can give your customers a positive impression, let them continue to patronize.

The dangers of foam plastic boxes
Most plastic boxes are made of polystyrene foam plastic, also known as plastic foam, is one of the main material of ocean litter. Because of polystyrene foamed plastic does not decompose itself, the government spent millions of dollars a year to remove material from our oceans.
Using bagasse, corn starch food containers
Through the use of harmful pollutants into use environmental protection and recyclable pollutants, you're gushing over your business, and don't need to say anything. This transformation will to staff and customers show that you have mastered the latest scientific knowledge, and care about their health and the surrounding environment. By stopping using foam in your restaurant, you are showing your commitment to sustainable development. Has studied the negative effects of polystyrene foamed plastic consumers may choose not to return to apparently didn't notice the recent findings of restaurants.
Polystyrene foam do not decay, and it is broken into smaller and smaller pieces, nowhere to go. This caused a big problem in the sea, because it is not a floating foam plastic boxes, but turned into millions of polystyrene particles. Small fish and biological may mistake any kind of micro plastic for food, they will lead to disease or death.
Through from foam plastic packaging to a more sustainable, non-toxic materials, you will take concrete measures to save the earth and protect the health of your customers. Don't wait any longer, change immediately!

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